Online Songwriting Camp featuring Laura Põldvere (start date: 2021-10-23)

kr2,382.00 inc. VAT

Pitch songs on Estonian pop star Laura Põldvere! Team up, online, with songwriters from other parts of the world! Have fun and get your songwriting career going! The online Black Belt Camp is a week-long event, guided by an instructor and host. At camp you get the chance of writing songs in two constellations and an opportunity to present your music to an artist and people from the music industry.


This camp is chance to pitch on Estonian pop star Laura Põldvere, one of the most popular artists in Estonia and well known across Europe due to having appeared twice in the Eurovision Song Contest. Besides being a frequent contender in the Estonian national competitions of this event (and in Finland, where she is now living) she has also released 10 albums and 24 singles containing music which is among the most aired in Estonia today.

Signing up will give you access to example songs and some thoughts on where Laura wants to take her music right now. You will also get some lines of text from her. All this to get you started and prepared for the camp. You will then meet Laura at the kick off event, she will listen in on what all the teems are up to, possibly record some vocals on your songs and return at the closing event with opinions and feed forward. Do visit her official homepage:

If you would rather do other music, that’s fine too, just fill in the “this is me”-form, so we can pair you up with complementary songwriters with similar ambitions. At the closing event you will get the chance to present your songs, not only to Laura but to a few people from the music business in Sweden, as well. In addition, we offer to present your music to the group Smash Into Pieces featured in the November 20 camp.

For a detailed description of the camp and the schedule, visit